Int. Ch. Sel. Jones van het Klotzicht

Selected in France , Germany, Holland & Belgium

International Champion CIE, Belgian, Dutch,

German VDH & BCD Champion

Jones is a very sweet and friendly briard living together with his little sister Joy. Jones and Joy are living in Koersel, a small country town in Belgium. Many dog owners and judges are impressed by his very open and friendly character.


Jones also thinks that he is a small lapdog in stead of a large briard, because he likes to try to sit on visitors lap in our house. He has not that typical briard characteristic of being reserved to strangers. He likes all people.



Jones has already very excellent results on many Briard clubshows in different countries (all results you find under the menu button "Show Results" ) :


  • Selected at the Nationale d'Elevage in France 2012
  • German Briard Club show Muhlberg 26/08/2012 : 1 Exc. CAC in open class
  • German Briard Club show Thuringen 25/08/2012 : 1 Exc. CAC in open class
  • Belgian Briard Club show 26/05/2012 : 1 Exc. CAC in open class
  • World Dog Show Salzburg Austria 19/05/2012 : 2 Exc. Res CAC in open class and best fawn male in class
  • Dutch Briard Club Show 19/09/2011 : 1 Exc. and Best Youth Briard of the Show.
  • Selected at the Dutch Briard Club Selection Day 17/09/2011.
  • Best youth dog at the Selection of the Nationale d'Elevage in France 2011
  • German Briard Club show Munchen 31/07/2011 : 1 Exc. VDH-CHA in intermediate class
  • 2nd place in youth class at the World Dog Show in Paris France 2011


Jones has also many CAC - CACIB and BOB at general National and International Dogshows in different countries.